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Current Dog Parks - A Series (Foreword)


Welcome to the first installment of the Current Dog Parks series. Here you'll find the "competition". You'll get an understanding of what we're really trying to accomplish. This series will be mostly visual. Every installment of the series will be photos (and possibly videos) of a dog park in the Greater Houston area. We will try to visit every park, and capture an objective representation of the current state of dog parks.

When viewing these parks, ask yourself the following questions:

1) Would my human kids have fun at this park?

2) Would I?

3) What improvements would make it more enjoyable for my kids and me?

Taking your dog to the park is something you do on a regular basis (SHOULD do, anyway). It isn't just about allowing them to get out of the house. The dog park is a place where your buddy is supposed to have fun, get socialized, get some mental stimulation, and work out that pent-up energy. Imagine if you were locked in the house all day with absolutely nothing to do but stare at the walls; you'd go bananas!

You're going to spend hours of your life there - possibly daily - for the duration of your pup's life. Shouldn't we find a way to make it great?

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