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It's Great to Be Live!


It's been a great first Monday, guys! Thanks for joining us on this journey to DogTown. Our campaign launch email went out to our subscribers and traffic has already started picking up. What a win! If you haven't signed up for our newsletter yet, you should head over to our homepage and do that (it's at the bottom).

We had our first donation come in over the weekend! For being the first person to take a step toward DogTown, she's been granted a lifetime PLATINUM pass to DogTown. Don't know what the Platinum plan entails? It's all access, baby. It's pick-up and drop-off. It's wash and groom, play and train, and free tickets to every event. There will only be 10 free ones given away*, and you're only going to hear about it through this post. Thanks for reading!

Thanks to all who liked our page on Facebook and started following us on Instagram. We're working diligently on some surprises for y'all. Raven has some tricks up her sleeve that she thinks you're really gonna like.

Stay tuned!


*The first 10 people to donate $20 or more to DogTown will receive a lifetime PLATINUM subscription to all DogTown Parks.

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