Proper grooming is essential to your best friend's health and happiness. Matting and fleas are a NO GO for members of any DogTown park. That's why we offer luxurious options to help you take care of your buddy.

All DogTown parks have elevated wash platforms so you don't have to bend over, with stairs so that you don't have to pick your kid up, and they don't have to jump. There's a hitching post to hook up your dog's collar so they stay put. We have temperature-controlled soft water, and flexible hoses with interchangeable heads. We give you a rubber apron to protect your clothes. We have these cool washing gloves with rubber nubs to really get in there and remove the crud and shedding. We also offer two different kinds of towel service. Standard service is included. All this is enclosed in a tile wash room for each station, with transparent windows so you and your buddy can see the park (and to help prevent anxiety).

Don't have time or desire to wash your buddy yourself? No problem! Head out to the parking lot and arrange with one of our on-site groomers to have your fur baby done up right. Maybe get a haircut and nail trim while you're at it! We've got you covered.


Got a grooming business on wheels? Offer discounted vaccination services? We'll have utility hook-ups in the parking lot for you. If you'd like to be on the roster of services, let's talk!

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