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The two main attractions in Raven's Retreat are the Free Play and Water Play parks.

Free Play

The Free Play park is on dry land. It features tunnels, hills, slides, confidence course obstacles, and other playground equipment that will engage you and your best friend. The expectation is that you and your buddy will play together, like taking your human kids to a playground or park. The features of the park will be deployed on a rotational basis, so that the park doesn't become stale; they will also evolve and change over time. There will be a nature walk trail in the large Free Play park. Dogs love the sights and smells of the forest, and allowing them free range gives them a sense of adventure, and encourages them to search and explore. This is physically and mentally stimulating exercise, and will benefit you as well. There will be separate parks for large and small dogs.

Water Play

The Water Play park is a combination sports stadium, community pool and resort-style water lounge. Our water park will feature a splash pad, a pool with beach entry, slides, islands, and lounge space with shade and comfortable seating. The splash pad will showcase a variety of interactive fountains, sprayers, and other fun features. The pool will gently slope from the beach entry on one side to 3ft deep, with surrounding jump-off points. The entire space of the water park will be covered in artificial turf designed specifically for dogs.

Mt Pyrenees

The water park will surround Mt Pyrenees, a man-made "mountain" with a stadium built into the peak. Waterfalls and vegetation surround the mountainsides, with the waterfalls draining into the park below. Tunnels and bridges allow access to the stadium where dog water sports and other events are held.


We don't employ a staff of trainers or coaches, but like gyms our customers may want that one-on-one training. If you're a coach or trainer in dog water sports, let's talk!

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