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Raven's Retreat will have not one, but two agility parks: Practice and Training. 


The agility practice park is open to all members who would like to test their dog's interest in agility sports. Ever been curious about little Gizmo's abilities, but never been able to put her to the test? Give it try! The practice park is where you can take your buddy to find out if agility training is something worth pursuing. It would be a mistake to spend hundreds of dollars to put your bud into Harvard Agility Academy, only to find out that they lack gusto. Do some experimentation at Raven's Retreat!


So, you've been through the Practice course and found out Ol' Yeller loves the jumps and tunnels, huh? Still can't afford to send him to an ivy league agility academy though? Don't fret! Book some time in the Training park! The agility training park is a reservation-only agility course where a maximum of 3 dogs can train at any given time (team/group events). You can book by the hour, and adjust the obstacles at your leisure.

Our agility training park will be constructed in the stadium atop Mt Pyrenees when dog water sports are not being hosted. This stadium space will also host dog agility competitions. You will have the ability to train in a real stadium environment. We have the ability to put Houston, TX on the map in the world of dog sports. That's good for dogs, good for the world, and good for the Houston economy.


We don't employ a staff of coaches and trainers, but like gyms our customers may want that one-on-one training. Let's talk!

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