Training is essential to your pup. It teaches them discipline, builds a strong bond between you two, gives your dog a sense of purpose and confidence, and helps them become good citizens. Plus, they love the treats!

The Obedience Training Lanes at Raven's Retreat provide a designated location where you and your best friend can really focus on solidifying skills and tricks. Like school and work, having a dedicated place where training happens puts you and your buddy in the right mindset.

The lanes will be grouped by skill level and function. In the novice lanes, the training environment is as isolated as possible. It's just you and your pup. This allows you to be in full control of those less-than-focused kids. In pro lanes though, your bud can see the rest of the park, and must learn to tune out distractions and focus on the task at-hand. This is great for teaching the Stay, Place, and Focus commands.


Are you a dog whisperer? Can you teach a dog to drive a forklift in 15 minutes? We don't employ a staff of trainers or coaches, but like gyms our customers may want that one-on-one training. Let's talk!

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