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The education center is the crown jewel of all DogTown parks. Our education center is the hub of knowledge from which we broadcast our ethos:

Dogs are our adopted children of a different species.

Our plethora of educational materials on dogs will include books and infographs on how to take care of your kids, such as what they can eat, how to properly groom them, what their body language means, etc. But we don't stop there. Did you know there are courses online that can teach you all about the evolution of dogs, how their cognition and emotions work, as well as games that you can play to really engage them? Dr. Brian Hare teaches a course on Coursera called Dog Emotion and Cognition that is very enlightening. Our education center will feature guest lectures from as many dog experts as we can wrangle. We'll have a library of educational videos that can be accessed through touch terminals (tablets). We'll host DIY sessions in which we teach you how to make toys to stimulate your dog's mind at home, braid your own leash, build a dog house, etc. (with materials included). We'll show you how to use the games and tricks recommended at Dognition to strengthen your bond with Cujo. We'll also use this facility to host special events, such as adoption days or group meetings.

Our goal is to change the human perspective on dogs.  They're not property; they're family.


Interested in lecturing or teaching a class at Raven's Retreat? We'll help you spread the knowledge!

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